When ordering our PCR diagnostic kits, please keep on mind, that we have a schedule of regular order deadlines. We work in 2 weeks cycles; it means we order the goods at manufacturer twice a month. We would like to kindly ask you to precisely keep the ordering deadlines.  

Concrete ordering deadlines are listed in a table below:

Batch production


Order deadline

Date of products
to customers
   1/21 Thursday    14.01.2021   26.02.2021
   2/21 Monday   01.02.2021   16.03.2021
    3/21  Monday   16.02.2021   29.03.2021 
   4/21 Monday  01.03.2021 12.04.2021
   5/21 Tuesday  16.03.2021 26.04.2021
   6/21 Wednesday  31.03.2021  10.05.2021
   7/21 Thursday  15.04.2021  28.05.2021 
   8/21 Thursday 29.04.2021  14.06.2021
   9/21 Friday 14.05.2021 28.06.2021
   10/21 Tuesday 01.06.2021 14.07.2021
  11/21 Wednesday 16.06.2021 28.07.2021
  12/21 Thursday 01.07.2021 13.08.2021
  13/21 Thursday  15.07.2021 27.08.2021
  14/21 Friday  30.07.2021 13.09.2021
  15/21 Monday 16.08.2021 29.10.2021
  16/21 Wednesday 01.09.2021 14.10.2021
  17/21 Thursday 16.09.2021 29.10.2021
  18/21 Thursday 30.09.2021 12.11.2021
  19/21  Thursday  14.10.2021 26.11.2021
  20/21 Monday 01.11.2021 14.12.2021
  21/21  Monday  15.11.2021 10.01.2022
  22/21 Wednesday 01.12.2021 18.01.2022
  23/21 Wednesday 15.12.2021 01.02.2022


To these dates it is essential to place an order on our email address. Your order is confirmed by Order Acknowledgement, every time please check if it is correct. If you do not receive confirmation of your order, please contact us as by return. Once our order is processed and accepted by the production, it takes about 4-6 weeks to  ship ordered products out to you.
Remaining shelf life of the goods at the time of dispatching to the customer will not be less than 4 months.

Required Information
Following data are required by ordering
• Product name
• Catalog numbers
• Quantity
• Billing and shipping address
• VAT number (EU only)
• Contact person (name, phone number, email)

Customer Care
We are committed to provide supreme services for our customers. All inquiries are answered and to all technical questions is given high priority and our full attention.

Shipping costs are calculated for each shipment separately, because every box has different dimensions and weight. We do our best to minimalize the shipping costs and because of that you pay for real shipping costs. This system is customer-friendly!

Terms of Payment
Ecoli s.r.o. accepts payments by wire transfer. For other payment methods please contact us. 

Be informed about deadlines!
Ask for regular sending of info about our orders deadlines. Sending of your order before deadline reduces delivery time to the minimum. 
If you send your order after deadline, it will be processed in the next ordering cycle.