Corotest Virological Transport Medium


Dear customers,

we are introducing a sampling set Corotest VTM designed for taking clinical samples, storage and transport to the laboratory. Suitable for SARS-CoV-2 virus, causing COVID-19 disease. Please find more information in the leaflet to download.

In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Your Ecoli team

New hepatitis testing kits


Ecoli now offer new real time PCR diagnostics for HBV and HCV quantitative testing from blood plasma. Thank to its lyophilized and aliquoted form (0,2ml PCR tubes) both kits are more comfortable to work with.  The product advantage is maximum sensitivity that reaches up to 7 IU/ml for HCV and 3 IU/ml for HBV. Internal DNA control for controlling the whole diagnostic process is included. Tests are compatible with a wide range of real-time PCR devices as only two channels are needed. Both kits are RUO.

Catalog number

Product name


 H-4021-1-14-CE AmpliSens® HBV-Monitor-L PCR kit
5x96 reactions aliquoted in 0,2ml PCR tubes
real-time PCR quantitative
 H-4001-1-14-CE AmpliSens® HCV-Monitor-L PCR kit
5x96 reactions aliquoted in 0,2ml PCR tubes
real-time PCR quantitative
Fully automated nucleic acid extractor - Soon


We are proud to inform you that from Q1 - Q2 2021 we will have a fully automated instrument for nucleic acid extraction.

  • Instrument based on Magnetic Particle Extraction Technology
  • Purifies 1 to 12 samples simultaneously per run
  •  CE IVD certified
  • In-built protocols, traceability report, LIMS connectivity, UV decontamination
  • Compact Bench-top design for small facilities
  • Wide range of purification kits that contains all  prefilled reagents and consumables