Brucella species

Brucella species

Brucellosis is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria of the genus Brucella. These bacteria are primarily passed among animals and they cause disease in many different vertebrates. Humans become infected by coming in contact with animals or their contaminated products. In humans, brucellosis can cause a range of symptoms similar to the flu and may include fever, sweats, headaches, back pains and physical weakness. Severe infections of the central nervous system or lining of the heart may occur. Brucellosis can also cause long-lasting or chronic symptoms that include recurrent fevers, joint pain and fatigue.

AmpliSens® Brucella spp. PCR kits are amplification tests for qualitative detection of Brucella species (B. melitensis, B. abortus, B. suis, B. ovis, B. canis, B. neotomae) DNA in the human (whole blood, synovial fluid, lymph node punctate) and animal (blood, milk, placenta, lymph nodes, spleen, liver of aborted fetus, parenchymal organs) samples and bacterial culture. Kits contain Internal Control to check the efficiency of DNA extraction process and identify possible reaction inhibition.


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R-B10(RG)-CE AmpliSens® Brucella spp.-FRT (aliquoted in 0,2 ml tubes) 55 qualitative 9 months 

  Real-Time       Reverse transcription      Fluorescent End-Point         Reagents in stock tubes     Ready-to-use PCR tubes
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